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Benefits Overview

FREE club offers to members



   Not only do Linric Club members enjoy a feast of discounted benefits and massive

   savings of UP TO 50% on accommodation, holidays and travel but have access to

   many additional FREE OFFERS within our Club membership benefit portfolio.


   The Linric Club offers members:

-  FREE membership to all contributing SA Army Fund, SAMHS Fund and

   Airforce Fund members.

-  FREE membership as well to the main member’s spouse & all member's

   children up to 18 years of age.

FREE inclusion of the main member’s parents to the value of R499.00

    per year.

FREE & unlimited quotation requests. (No admin fees apply)

FREE (3) product information services per year.

FREE (3) Junkmail advertising services per year.
FREE bus and Shosholoza train booking services.

FREE yearly club brochure.

FREE booking confirmation SMS’s.

All the above FREE offers are just a phone call away! For more info contact us at (011) 9742626.