Please Note: Our office will be closed from the 20 December 2019 to 5 January 2020.
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NEW AIRLINE OFFER! As you may have realised by now 1Time Airlines with whom our club has been affiliated with for over 8 years is no longer operational.

GREAT NEWS IS that we are now contracted with MANGO AIRLINES and are able to immediately offer members special airfares on selected flights and dates.

Contact Linric Club direct at: 011 974-2626 for your special flight offers. Remember, the Linric Club will also book your spouse, your children up to 18 years of age and your parents. Fiancée's, life partners, friends, grandchildren, children of family members etc…. do not qualify for your membership & benefits, and therefore cannot be assisted / booked by the Linric Club.

Several payment options are accepted by our office for flight bookings. Cash bank deposit, Internet transfer or credit card payments are gladly accepted. ONLY MEMBER CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS will be accepted. NO THIRD PARTY, ANOTHER MEMBER OR PARENTS CREDIT CARDS CAN BE UTILISED FOR ANY CLUB MEMBER FLIGHT PAYMENT. A nominal Linric Club reservation/admin fee is charged on a flight reservation.

Great savings with professional and friendly service awaits you on your next flight reservation with the Linric Club. Flight cancellation and/or flight change charges plus supplier terms and conditions apply.

CANNOT FIND YOUR DESTINATION WITH MANGO AIRLINES? Don't stress! Our office will gladly assist you on another airline that flies to your required domestic destination. An additional service offered by the Linric Club. Please note that no discounted airfares are available/apply on this service.

Your dates of travel, type of service etc. are important information we will require when assisting you with your travel arrangements.